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How to Generate Leads on Facebook

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Although Facebook is widely considered as a quality digital marketing platform for B2C campaigns, it’s worthwhile for B2B companies to give it a chance as well. We at 7digits use Facebook not only as a secondary channel to improve the sales funnel of our clients but occasionally as the foundation of our strategy as well. In this article, I will show you how to generate leads on Facebook – the way your ROI makes you satisfied. 😉


Attention!☝️ Before you spend resources on a large campaign, always perform market research and an audience analysis to find out how your target market acts on Facebook. Audience Insights can help you a lot – it will be your best digital friend.

How to generate leads on Facebook?

Tactic #1: Build brand equity

Do you feel like your spending on digital ads is wasted? With B2B campaigns, there’s no chance of generating leads if you’re a no-name brand. 🤷‍♀️ Instead of relying on impulse “shopping”, you have to build up your sales funnel so that the first step is increasing brand recognition and ad recall lift (how well people remember your ad). Standing out in the B2B market can be tricky business – but it’s not impossible. 

“People want to work with those who share their values – we see that all the time in B2C, but those relationships are increasingly important in B2B too.” – Steve Sinclair, PwC.

There’s no doubt Steve Sinclair is right, but what does this mean for you? 🤔

First of all, set up a Brand awareness campaign. In my experience, you can target cold audiences in this phase, but don’t just send it out to anyone – you should tailor your reach using targeting filters. Use behavior and demographic categories, like job titles, education or industry.

Better yet, do you have a well-functioning Facebook Pixel in your website? If yes, you can track your website visitors to create a Custom audience from these users based on how much time they spend on your site. This way, you can filter out random visitors who were on your site just for a few seconds. After that, build a Lookalike audience from the earlier mentioned Custom audience to curate the group of people most likely to be interested in surfing your landing page based on their digital activity and interests.

Don’t stop there. 👉
Let’s see how to generate leads on Facebook in this case.

Create a Lead generation ad using Custom audiences generated from website visitors or from those who have engaged with your Facebook content. They are not cold audiences anymore, so they know what kind of solution you can provide to meet their needs. In this campaign, you can show a Lead card to the retarget list where they can provide their contact info. Using this trick, you can quickly build a database of potential customers.

Tactic #2: Convince with content

If you are already in the content marketing camp, you are definitely on the right path to credibility with your audience. We have already discussed the advantages of SEO lead generation and the Cornerstone technique, so now I want to focus on how to generate leads on Facebook with content.

There are 2 main steps.

Create a Traffic campaign for your blog posts and target using interest categories or job titles. Test which article gets the largest impression, highest CTR, and lowest CPC. Once you have steady traffic on your blog, it’s time for the next step.

No surprise, we’ll continue with 🔁 remarketing. This is one of the most effective tools for social media lead generation. So, go ahead and set up a Conversion campaign with remarketing audiences. But first, make sure that you or your developer has already installed the appropriate Facebook Pixel conversion events on your website. These enable you to measure concrete visitor actions, like filling out a contact form. This way, you will be able to optimize your campaign for the right event. Facebook will then try to find more and more blog readers who you can expect to get in touch with you through that medium.

Let’s jump into the third tactic for how to generate leads on Facebook.

Tactic #3: Impress with video

This one is more appropriate for prospects who already know about your brand, use social media frequently, and have no qualms chatting with professional purposes.

First, create a Video views campaign – it will prepare your potential leads for the right decision. I suggest this because it has been proven that viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a video. Even better, businesses who use video have been shown to grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. Good to know, right? 😉

So, use impressive audiovisual content and include educational messages that present the main unique selling points (USPs) to convince decision-makers about your product or service. Most importantly, don’t forget to build a clear call to action into the video.

To accompany this video campaign, create a Custom audience based on who watches the video in order to be able to retarget them.

But wait there’s more…

If your video is reaching your audience successfully, it’s time to create a Messages campaign. Although it’s not a common method for how to generate leads on Facebook, it will make it easy for you to speak directly with your leads. Using this option, your potential clients can ask you questions and address their concerns.

In tandem with this Messages campaign, you can also keep in touch with your leads through Sponsored messages. These let you send relevant promotions directly to the people your business is already talking to in Messenger.

Pro tip ☝️: Of course, you need to be active and available through Messenger. Use the Pages Manager app to handle conversations on the go – from your phone.


How much time do you need for these different campaigns? The answer always depends on the size of your audience. According to your budget, you will see an estimated daily reach . So, calculate how many days are needed to reach enough of your target audience at least once. It’s better to have more impressions, though, not just one. We always set the frequency at 4-5 because it isn’t enough to annoy but it is enough to give users the best chance of remembering your brand.


These are just a few tactics for how to generate leads online in B2B markets if you are thinking about Facebook marketing. Give the platform a chance and test your audiences and messages as well. This way, you will find the best process to facilitate your customer acquisition. Feel free to ask questions below, and I really appreciate every share. 😉

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